And Now, Some Caveats

AI can be applied … and mis-applied

AI is only as strong or relevant as the information sets it utilizes. And importantly, the world of generative AI is still under development. Despite mimicking human intelligence, Generative AI is not sentient. It can’t recognize mistakes any child could.

That’s critical for understanding how, when and where to apply AI in our workdays. It’s smart to consider it like an incredibly capable teammate that provides an extension, not a replacement, of your team.

As an aggregator of data sets, AI presents serious issues around privacy and protection. There are both free and paid models available to use and both have their benefits and challenges.

Before you begin any experimentation, you should take steps to protect your company and your intellectual property. Consider forming a usage policy for your organization; if you’re not sure how, Bader Rutter can help.

Regardless of the solution you choose, consider the answers to the following questions.

Does The Platform: 

  • State whether it will use your data to train its model?
  • State how long it will store your data?
  • State how it will protect your data from unauthorized access?
  • Allow you to delete your data?
  • Allow you to opt out of data collection?

Here’s a simple chart that toplines the scope of free vs. paid Generative AI platforms.

Keep in mind, at this point, AI produces many lackluster outputs. That’s the finding of a Harvard Business Study, succinctly encapsulated in this insightful data scientist’s blog here.


We hope this primer inspires you to explore the possibilities of this new technological tool. New possibilities pop up every day, which required us to rewrite this report multiple times over the few weeks we took to prepare it. But it’s worth taking the time to be AI-literate. And AI-savvy.

That will require you to learn, unlearn and relearn. But that sure beats letting somebody using AI to take your job. Or outperform your brand.


Download our Bader Rutter AI Starter Guide. 



And talk to us about establishing an AI policy for your company.

For questions about using AI, reach out to Brian Kohlmann, our Lead Marketing Technologist,

For thoughts on how to institute a corporate AI policy, talk to Tony Mauer, Executive Director, Digital,


About the Author

Brian is the Lead Marketing Technologist at Bader Rutter, a leading marketing and advertising agency with a focus on agriculture, animal health, and food and beverage industries. He has over 25 years of experience in various disciplines, including digital and communications strategy, sales, and account management. He is a DMA Certified Marketing Professional and holds certifications in generative AI from Microsoft and LinkedIn, Account-Based Experience from Demandbase, and Prompt Engineering from Vanderbilt University, showcasing his expertise and passion for marketing technology.