Canceled photo shoots? Think again.

COVID-19 cancelled too many photo shoots, but it doesn’t have to.

Photo shoots ARE possible with the proper precautions and preparation. Bader Rutter executive producer Andy Gorzalski received certification from Safe Sets International for its course on COVID-19 for the film and production industry. This knowledge ensures we extend best safety practices to sets and locations for our teams and clients.

Here is the protocol we used on a recent location shoot:

  • Masks were required at all times, by all agency personnel, clients and employees. Brief exceptions to mask-wearing were made for on-camera subjects while being photographed.
  • Our photographer wore a mask and PPE. He also maintained a minimum 6-foot distance away from all on-camera subjects at all times.
  • We provided multiple hand-cleaning stations around the location with hand sanitizer, paper towels and no-contact trash disposal.
  • We provided individual, prepackaged snacks and other food items for pickup on arrival at location. These packages also included PPE, three (3) masks and more hand sanitizer. All food and drink were assembled and prepared in a hygienic-safe environment per CDC guidelines.

To limit contact, we also communicated over walkie-talkies. iPads provided remote viewing as the photos were captured throughout the session. The results? A safe photo shoot that produced a new library of images for our client.

Take a look behind the scenes:

If you want more details on the safety protocols we have outlined for shooting on location, let’s chat.

We’d love to continue creating content for you in the safest way possible.

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