An appetizing approach

The pork industry opens up about why quality matters

In recent years, the way our food is produced has come under increased scrutiny. The marketplace and regulators demand more transparency from producers. We knew the pork industry had to meet these challenges head on, to help pork products like bacon keep their sizzle.

Our campaign shared the untold story of pork — that American pig farmers’ practices have led to the highest quality, safest, most affordable and most sustainable pork ever produced. Or to put it simply, The Best Pork Ever.

Sharing Our Commitment shared the industry practices and commitment to continuous improvement that demonstrate good citizenship.

More than a brand, We Care became the promise the pork industry made to be good citizens — actively committed to principles of environmental stewardship, animal care, food safety, community relations, work welfare and public health. A promise to provide America with The Best Pork Ever.

Selling The Sizzle

The Best Pork Ever campaign put the food first, demonstrating the ultimate benefit of farmers’ efforts to follow best practices in raising their animals.

Click Appeal

Online advertising showcased the end product — high-quality pork — in a mouth-watering way to increase engagement and click-thru.

As the campaign evolved, we pushed industry leaders to think beyond reputation management to target consumers with a message that mattered to them: American pork is better because of America’s pig farmers.

Targeting the taste-makers

We used a combination of display and native advertising along with social media to target food industry influencers, decision-makers and regulators to reinforce the message that today’s pork is the best pork in U.S. history.

They say you shouldn’t show how the sausage is made. But Bader Rutter’s experience and insight found a way to bring the message of farming and food together in an appealing way.

- Dallas Hockman, National Pork Producers Council

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