Seeds of transformation


Mycogen Seeds dug deep to rediscover its heart and soul. After talks with farmers, consumer data analyses and agency workshops, the seed company had the desired insight to invigorate its brand.

Mycogen Seeds parallels the farmer. Determined. Hard-working. The Relentless campaign gave the seed company a persona to bring to market. Up before sunrise, and keeping at it until the work is done, Mycogen Seeds is dedicated to helping farmers be better, acre after acre.


The Relentless campaign video has been viewed completely by 98,542 consumers, more than a third of Mycogen’s target audience.

If someone is trying to work just as hard as I do, then they would be worth inquiring about.

- Farmer remarking on the Mycogen Seeds Relentless campaign

We asked farmers what they wanted from a seed resource and the resounding response was real, interactive data. We listened.

Average session: 3:41 and 6 pages

Mycogen Seeds has redefined its experience for visitors to its website. reaches beyond industry benchmarks with visitors engaging for an average of 3:41 and six pages.

60% of traffic from organic search

Top keywords searched include "Mycogen," "Mycogen Seeds" and "Mycogen corn seeds"; clear evidence the campaign is driving brand recognition.

The transformative new brand of Mycogen Seeds continues to evolve across every touchpoint with farmers.

Bader Rutter has helped us win and grow. With their help, we’ve dug hard and deep into the mindsets of our farmers to truly understand their needs and what they want from us. Our brand is strong and will only get stronger.

- Darla Huff, Mycogen Seeds

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