A new beginning

Dow Agrosciences launches a tech brand farmers can relate to

From genetics to GPS equipment, modern farming involves the world’s most advanced technology. But it’s also deeply personal. Farmers feel a strong connection to the land. They care about family and community. We saw that as a big opportunity for launching the Enlist weed control system — and a big step for our client.

More than high-tech, Enlist represents the future of farming for generations to come. We keyed in on this idea — creating a brand that farmers could identify with on a personal level. That gave us the opening we needed to break through.

#1 ranked

In readership studies, farmers have named Enlist as the most attention-getting advertising in the category.

376 million impressions

To make the brand part of farmers’ lives — on and off the farm — our media campaign targeted personal interests such as Big Ten football.

Campaign testing showed that our message was being heard loud and clear. Farmers related to the generational story and the importance of protecting our future. That’s exactly what we needed to stand out in an overcrowded market.

Print, TV and online advertising all pointed farmers to Enlist.com — where they could learn how the new technology advances modern farming.

Taking a closer look

The site’s most popular new feature is Experiencing Enlist, sharing stories from farmers who have used this technology firsthand.

Social media and events took the brand a step further, connecting with farmers and their families on a personal level.

200,000 attendees a year

Our presence at events across the country enables Dow AgroSciences to get to know farmers and their stories.

Getting the word out

Farmers are always busy. Twitter brings them the latest on Enlist, when and where they want it.

BR helped us focus on the emotional benefits the Enlist system delivers on, earning a real bond with our customers.

- Damon Palmer, Dow AgroSciences

73% brand awareness

Enlist has grown into one of the biggest names in agriculture — in under four years.

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