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Eastman looks beyond B2B to join a wider conversation

From water bottles to kitchen appliances, manufacturers count on Eastman Tritan copolyester to bring household products to life. Eastman focused 100% of its attention on the channel at launch. But more and more consumers were raising questions about what goes into the products they buy. And we wanted to make sure Eastman was part of that discussion.

Recognizing this crucial audience was the turning point. We showed Eastman how to connect with consumers in a way that truly resonates. Our digital-first strategy focused on driving traffic to a new site where people could find the answers they were looking for.

3,000 people

In the first month alone, www.tritanfromeastman.com proved a popular destination for answers and information.

Research helped us pinpoint the right audience with the right tactics. Suddenly, marketing wasn’t a one-way street anymore. Eastman and the channel were part of a larger discussion — together with moms, foodies and outdoor adventure seekers.

I’m pretty stoked about this vacuum sealed goodness made with Tritan plastic (kind of like glass except I can’t break it).

- OneToNothin.com

Though it looks like glass, it’s actually made from copolyester which is a really durable, BPA-free plastic.

- PersnicketyPlates.com

6.15% Click-thru

Targeting blogger influencers got people thinking in a new way about products made with Tritan.

14.8 Million impressions

Product placements and giveaways through high-profile media helped us break through with consumers.

BR has helped change the way we see our business, leading to stronger relationships with our customers.

- Karen Parsons, Eastman

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