BR Hires First Learning and Development Leader Among Area Agencies

MILWAUKEE — Amy Sonnenberg, an expert in adult learning theory and instructional design, has taken on the role of learning and development leader at Bader Rutter, the only place you’ll find this dedicated position among Milwaukee-area advertising agencies.

“We’re thrilled to have Amy on board,” says Greg Nickerson, Bader Rutter CEO. “Our greatest assest is our people. It’s no surprise that we want our employees to have every opportunity to enhance their skills; we want to encourage their professional curiosities. Amy will continue to foster our talent to take it to the next level so we can continue to provide clients with the best service possible.”

At Bader Rutter, Sonnenberg will focus on areas such as manager training, leadership skill development, client service training, new hire onboarding and individual professional development.

“It’s very forward-thinking of BR to have this position,” Sonnenberg says. “We are a growing company, known for hiring top-tier talent who stick around. Just look at the years of experience people have invested here.”

Sonnenberg’s previous experience includes developing and implementing corporate education and career development programs for a variety of industries, including banking, cosmetology and motorcycle manufacturing.

Sonnenberg adds, “The opportunities for learning are endless and can have a big impact on both our employees and clients.”
Bader Rutter is headquartered in Milwaukee, with additional offices in Chicago and Lincoln, Neb. Learn more at Follow BR on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Converge, the BR blog.


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