Bader Rutter CEO Joins National BMA Board

MILWAUKEE —The Business Marketing Association (BMA) recently named Bader Rutter CEO Greg Nickerson to its board of directors. In this role, Nickerson will collaborate and share business-to-business expertise with 17 other directors from companies such as Emerson, GE, Motorola, IBM, Google and Bloomberg Businessweek.

“It’s an honor to have the opportunity to serve on this board,” says Nickerson. “Our clients’ needs are changing every day with a growing appetite for high-quality content that can be produced quickly. I’m looking forward to collaborating with this elite group of professionals to meet this and other unique industry challenges.”

Together, the BMA board of directors will work to help members achieve their companies’ objectives efficiently and effectively. As part of the association’s strategic vision, board members will ensure BMA is a repository of the best B2B marketing information and resources.

But it’s not just BMA’s approach to content development that has Nickerson’s attention. “As someone whose career has spanned from writing newsletters for a commodity futures market consulting firm to being the CEO of a growing integrated marketing services agency, BMA’s commitment to career development really hits home for me,” says Nickerson.

BMA board positions are one year in length. Nickerson will serve from June 2013 through June 2014. The complete listing of BMA board members can be found at

Bader Rutter is headquartered in Milwaukee, with additional offices in Chicago and Lincoln, Neb. Learn more at Follow Bader Rutter on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Converge, the Bader Rutter blog.


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