How we can help you optimize

At Bader Rutter, one unique trait has always been part of our DNA: We never stop looking for ways to improve what we do.


It’s more than just measuring results. Analytics starts with establishing key performance indicators and processes for reporting and tracking. That’s the only way to know for sure if your program is working.

Marketing effectiveness

Is your go-to market strategy making the most of every budget dollar? We’ll help you answer that question, both short and long term.


Brand-building isn’t an exact science. But we can help you establish the best measures of success. So you’ll know whether you’re hitting the mark.

Search engine optimization

Every search engine performs the same basic job: to provide answers. When prospects and customers have questions, SEO helps your site deliver on what they’re looking for.

Social monitoring

Our digital news center turns headlines and internet trends into business-relevant insights. So you can stay informed — and stay ahead of the news cycle.

Usability testing

Do you know how customers actually use your website? More than simply tracking online traffic, we’ll help evaluate how well your site does what it’s designed for.

Chief Operating Officer

Tom Posta

“The right mix of strengths and experience are important, but we can’t forget the value of an inspired and motivated team.”

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