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SuperContent: With great power comes great responsibility

Content was once king. But dynamics in today’s market, technology and communications are driving increased demand for content to rule more effectively for the people — and more powerfully. The fact is much of the content produced today is less effective than desired, and the practice to produce it is outdated.

We’re betting on content to perform heroic feats: challenge thinking, connect an audience with a brand, change a perception, drive leads and even positively impact business growth. All the while, audiences are becoming more overwhelmed; they’re self-selecting their content and ignoring what doesn’t seem relevant.

This new force field of brand egoism, content overproduction and audience saturation presents a sizable challenge for the average content and the typical team. We need a better way to empower content to connect brands and audiences and a more collaborative team structure to produce, evaluate and optimize content. If we can develop content iteratively based on audience insight, frequent feedback loops and data analysis for relevance, it will emerge as the most powerful superhero in marketing’s version of the Justice League.

Welcome to the age of SuperContent.

SuperContent is driven to deliver exactly what an audience wants. It’s something useful and relevant; an experience that hits the mark. It adapts faster than its rivals. It has the innate ability to connect with someone’s innermost thoughts and desires. And it fuels a dialogue that matters. At the end of the day, SuperContent creates a meaningful connection between a brand and an audience.

But with great power comes great responsibility. You or, ideally, a united team that is formed to empower SuperContent must assume a new role: the Mastermind.

For more on SuperContent and the new role of the Mastermind, view the SlideShare “Getting From Content to SuperContent: You Need a Mastermind” here.

To download the white paper “Six Principles to Achieve Relevant SuperContent” click here.

This post was originally authored by Anna Kirk, BR’s former Senior Strategist/Planner.


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