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New marketing roles face new business expectations

Congratulations on being the executive in charge of marketing for the company. Many marketing executives such as yourself say the job pressure has greatly intensified these past few years. Organizations have many different expectations of marketing’s role. There are new channels to consider, and everything has to be more measurable, more targeted and more effective to prove ROI. Marketing executives have to prove their work has a real impact on driving the business. Perhaps you’ve even experienced a slimming of your marketing budget. Not to mention that recent studies show the average tenure for marketing executives has dropped to 44 months.  

The clock started ticking on the first day you took control over marketing. I’m sure you’ve felt the effects of too much to do and not enough time in the day. So, where to start? Do you have a plan? How do current resources stack up to your goals and objectives? The first 90 days is the best time to drive change and establish your vision. Here are a few helpful topics to consider during your first 90 days. 

First, the current marketing strategy should be carefully evaluated. The goals and objectives you have may differ from those previously established, and this needs to be addressed with a smart strategy. Then you’ll need to test if the current marketing activities are in line with the strategy. The strategy will dictate the development of marketing key performance indicators. KPIs will ensure measurable results; therefore, they should be specific, attainable and realistic. This will provide some of the accountability management will require.  

Success of other marketers should be observed, especially those in businesses similar in nature to yours. What areas that seem to be working for others do you need to evaluate and incorporate into your efforts? Keeping track of marketing trends in your industry, category and vertical can help provide areas that may be overlooked. 

No doubt you are considering your current resources, especially the marketing agencies the company has been using. Do your current agencies provide innovative ideas and constantly suggest ways to improve your current efforts? Are they working with your team to continually monitor progress and make modifications to optimize performance? Perhaps you are considering alternate agency resources. Making sure your marketing agency is providing the solutions in line with your strategy is key to the success of your communications and overall strategy.  

Finally, marketing executives often find that there are many areas that are not being used to their potential. Communications channels and marketing mix should be constantly scrutinized. Careful attention should be paid to techniques that can optimize your activities. Analytics and metrics should be incorporated at every stage of the strategy to determine where and when changes should be made to ensure marketing activities are providing the greatest results.

So where should you start? You probably already have. Monitor what has been working well and whether things fall in line with your strategy and plan. Evaluate your current agency resources and see if you are getting what you need from them or if it’s time to make some smart decisions moving forward. Look for opportunities to optimize, everywhere. Most marketers don’t realize how much opportunity exists until they take the time to look at optimization techniques. 

Learn more about how to evaluate your practice and find these opportunities by downloading our helpful guide New Role, New Rules.

This post was originally authored by Ryann Greve, BR’s former chief marketing officer.

Industry: Multi-Industry

Topic: Marketing, Strategy


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