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It’s never a textbook case: Marketing’s new rules

Sometimes, your first day at a new job is hard to distinguish from a first day of school. The similarities should inspire you, especially the fresh start energy and the prospect of kicking off new projects. 

In the ever-changing world of marketing, however, there’s no grading on a curve. 

Marketing executives must prove their work is a business driver. As average tenure in marketing roles continues to decrease, it’s important to study up on some quick and easy ways to score points from day one. 

First, evaluate the current marketing strategy carefully.  The goals and objectives you have may differ from those previously established so you’ll need to test if the current marketing activities are in line with your proposed new strategy. Implement a measurement system that reports on your efforts, not the past structure. 

Take note of the success of other marketers, especially those in businesses similar to yours. Keeping track of marketing trends in your industry, category and vertical can help provide areas that may be overlooked. 

And, like the start of the school year, assess your resources. Do your current agencies provide innovative ideas and constantly suggest ways to improve your current efforts? Are they working with your team to continually monitor progress and make modifications to optimize performance? Make sure your marketing agency is providing solutions in line with your strategy to help ensure the success of your communications and overall strategy.  

No coasting is allowed, no pass/fail option exists. Pay careful attention to techniques that can optimize your activities. Constantly scrutinize your communications channels and marketing mix. Incorporate analytics and metrics at every stage of the strategy to determine where and when changes should be made to ensure marketing activities are providing the greatest results.

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Industry: Multi-Industry

Topic: Marketing, Strategy


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