Tom Posta

Chief Operating Officer

BR kicks off “From the Farm to the Agency” content series on National Ag Day

For many at Bader Rutter, agriculture isn’t just a 9-to-5 marketing job. It’s a 24/7 lifestyle. Their evenings and weekends are spent on their family farms, while their weekdays are spent serving our agrimarketing clients at BR. One foot in the farm, the other at the agency.

The BR agrimarketers who work on farms on the evenings and weekends have experience that makes a difference to our clients. They gain and share insights that go beyond a market research report. These insights lead to audience relevancy and connection, and ultimately create positive and meaningful change for our clients.

March 15 is National Agriculture Day, which celebrates agriculture’s vital role in our society. And it is only fitting that we kick off this new video series featuring our BR farmers and ranchers, who are sharing their insights and experiences from the farm to the agency.

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Industry: Agriculture

Topic: Marketing


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