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Become your audience to connect with your audience

You are your audience’s champion. It’s up to you to know what makes your audience tick, tune out or take action. You’re long past thinking of your target simply as a decision-maker. You think of your target as a person — one with needs and emotions that you can connect with. But, this kind of connection can’t be founded on sound strategy alone. Here’s how to balance that left-brained approach to justify your actions, with the right-brained creative to truly appeal to your audience.

To start, build on traditional audience research by tapping sales team members for their insights. They have a direct connection with customers and prospects.  Learning from their experience provides foundational points for getting to know your target audience. These sales-driven insights (combined with channel and audience research) regarding what resonates with an audience and what drives behavioral change can take creative to a higher level.

The right brain can push you to take more risks and have a greater impact. Involve the creative team in strategy development from the start. There shouldn’t be a handoff point. That way, everyone understands your audience and the goals of your strategy. And, creative thinkers can offer a different take than traditional strategic thinkers.

Make sure you give the creative team the fuel they need to deliver transformative results. The left brain may be satisfied with a research-driven audience persona, complete with stock photo and generic first name. The right brain demands more. It demands creative immersion.

Live a day in your audience’s life. That’s where the true insight lays. You’ll uncover a whole new understanding of what your audience wants, needs and can’t live without.

Immersing yourself in the customers’ experience will put you in the correct mindset to speak effectively to them. The bottom line is you have to experience your audience’s emotions to connect with them emotionally. Strong creative work will tap into these emotions to make a powerful impact, and the more impactful the creative, the greater the opportunity to transform a brand.

This post was originally authored by Matt Sternig, BR’s former group leader.


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