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Bader Rutter's homecoming

I was honored to serve as panelist last week for the Milwaukee Business Journal’s Downtown Milwaukee Renaissance luncheon. The focus of the luncheon, and the answer I so frequently gave the moderators, was that downtown Milwaukee offers an energy that’s good for business. Multiple businesses are relocating their headquarters to the center of the city as a way to capitalize on growth, talent and resources. The renaissance taking place in downtown Milwaukee perfectly mirrors the transformation taking place at our agency.

“Do things that matter” is one of the core principles of our company, Bader Rutter. Every day I ask employees to recognize that the work they do has impact, every choice they make matters. And now, as a company, we are tasked with the same challenge. We are reminded that what we do isn’t as simple as creating advertisements or writing press releases. The things we do that matter include making the transformative decision to relocate nearly 230 employees, 42 years of experience and one incredible vision as we move our company’s headquarters to downtown Milwaukee.

There is a vibrancy to being at the hub of thought leadership, and we know we can contribute to and be energized by it. A Milwaukee address means we’re part of an investment in an economy that fuels ideas on a local, national and global scale.

According to the Martin Prosperity Institute study guided by Richard Florida, Milwaukee’s creative class has grown more than 18 percent since 2000. We will soon be part of it. Situating our headquarters at the heart of this creative and innovative thinking gives our business the strong pulse required for the growth we are capturing. Our Chicago and Lincoln, Neb. offices are both located in the heart of those cities. We have seen the energy it brings and really look forward to replicating that in downtown Milwaukee.

As Milwaukee continues to rev up its renaissance, our clients recognize our city as one that matters. Many do not know Bader Rutter originated in downtown Milwaukee. This is our homecoming. See you in May 2017.

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